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All manufacturing services from one supplier  

We offer high-quality and comprehensive manufacturing services to leading equipment manufacturers. Our services cover manufacturing of electronics as well as final assembly. Key issues in offering of our services are flexibility, speed, high quality and delivery reliability.

Our Kuressaare and Tumkur units are specialised in electronics manufacturing. Our modern production units work in close cooperation in final assembly of the products. Final products consisting of combination electronics and mechanics products a.k.a. so called box-build/product integration –service is continuously growing area. Service can also include packing the product into customer’s own packaging and delivery to the end customer.


Incap’s strenghts

Experience and professional skill
Thanks to a history of over 30 years, Incap has solid experience in the methods used in the manufacture of electronics. We have developed our operations together with our customers, based on their needs.

Focus on customers and commitment
Our organisation has been shaped in line with the customers’ needs. We operate near our customers and therefore, dealing with us is easy and straightforward. The strong commitment and good service attitude of our personnel are qualities which underpin our customer relationships.
Speed and flexibility
Our operational models and manufacturing technologies have been built on small and medium-sized production series. Our customers’ needs and forecasts often change at short notice, which means that the flexibility and agility of our operations are tested daily.

Quality and delivery reliability
Energy-efficiency, healthcare and security equipment have high quality requirements, as our customers’ products are used in demanding environments which require above-average dependability. Delivery reliability forms a part of high-quality service and is one of the most important benchmarks of our operations.



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