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President and CEO

The company’s line operations are managed by the President and CEO, who carries out his or her duties in accordance with the Companies Act, other applicable laws and instructions and regulations laid down by the Board. The President and CEO informs the Board of Directors of the development of the company’s business operations and financial situation as well as oversees the legality of the company’s operations and accounting and the reliable organisation of treasury management.

The President and CEO is elected by the Board of Directors, which decides on the President and CEO’s salary and other benefits. The terms and conditions of the President and CEO’s employment are specified in writing in his or her written employment contract that is approved by the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is the President and CEO’s supervisor. The President and CEO participates in Board meetings as a presenting officer, but is not a Board member.

The biographical details and the holdings of the President and CEO are disclosed in the Annual Report and on the company’s website in the same extent than the respective information of Board members. In addition, the company publishes the President and CEO’s salary and other financial benefits included in his or her contract, shares and stock options received as remuneration, retirement age and the criteria for determining his or her pension, period of notice and the terms and conditions of salary for the period of notice and eventual other compensation payable on the basis of termination.

In 2013, Sami Mykkänen, B.Sc., served as the President and CEO of the Incap Group until 20 September 2013 and after that Fredrik Berghel, M.Sc.

The salary paid to Sami Mykkänen for 2013 amounted to a total of EUR 151,325 and remuneration to EUR 19,073.  At the close of the financial year 2013, Sami Mykkänen held 522,286 Incap shares and 100,000  stock options 2009A and 100,000 stock options 2009B. The retirement age of the President and CEO is determined in accordance with the Employees’ Pensions Act. The chief executive’s period of notice is six months, and if his executive contract is terminated by the company, he will be paid the salary during the period of notice.

Fredrik Berghel served as the acting President and CEO of the Incap Group as from 20 September 2013. He received no fee for the Board membership or the position as the CEO. In 2013, he was paid a consulation fee of EUR 71,630 based on the resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting. The consulation fee paid during the period of his position as the CEO, i.e. 20 September until 31 December 2013, amounted to EUR 27,363. Fredrik Berghel held at the close of the financial year 2013

Other managementThe Incap Group’s Management Team assists the President and CEO in the management of line operations and participates in the preparation of matters that are to be dealt with by the Board of Directors. In addition to the President and CEO, the Management Team includes the executives in charge of the company’s different functions. The members of the Management Team are appointed by the President and CEO, who also decides on the terms and conditions of the employment and salaries of the Management Team’s members following the one-over-one principle. The Management Team meets regularly under the direction of the President and CEO, following the general guidelines of the Board of Directors.

The composition of the Management team with the members’ biographical details and areas of responsibility as well as the members’ holdings are disclosed in the Annual Report and on the company’s website.

In 2013, salaries and other employee benefits paid to the Management Team members amounted to EUR 680,373. The share of fixed salary was 90.7%.


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